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Little Keegan was the sweetest, most innocent little baby ever. He was such a good boy… even when he fell he cried for about 2 seconds and then gave me a smile. He seriously melted my heart. His parents are so lucky to have such a good boy. And a beautiful one too.

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I had Zach in my studio a few months ago and he was ADORABLE. This time he was back to get some pics with mommy for her birthday (which just so happened to be my birthday too!) so we got some cute shots of the two of them together. The poor little guy was teething...

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My little Junie tunie.

This little youngster is my darling dear Junie. She has forever changed my life and I LOOOve love love having a little girl. She is the yummiest little sneak attack and I will never get tired of taking pictures of her. She reached her limit for this photo shoot.

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Ryan was one of those babies that SHOULD HAVE looked awkward since he is 4 1/2 months old and that is a crazy age to photograph since they can’t sit up on their own or sleep like a little newborn. But he was so awesome and easy and perfect. Since he was such a good...

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Taking newborn pictures is not an easy task. Sometimes it takes them FOREVER to fall asleep. That is why taking pictures in the first 2 weeks is super duper important. But what do you do when someone really really wants newborn pictures and their baby is almost 4 weeks old? You do your best. And...

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