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Keegan & Kenna

These two kids were awesome and I loved their little family. That is one of my favorite things about doing photography is meeting all the new kids and their parents. I know exactly what they have to go through to get their kids ready, try to bribe them beforehand, keep their cool when their kids...

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Here’s Maverik at a mere 9 days old. What a little stud. His parents who took our family pictures a few months ago asked me to take his pictures…. what an honor. They are the most amazing photographers I know. Check them out: It’s amazing how¬†babies develop little personalities so quickly and they already...

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This is little Mercy. Her mom brought her in to model some tutus for a boutique, and she’ll be back in about a month to do some more. You can’t tell that she was having a hard day since she is so cute and photogenic. Sometimes I think the¬†flashing lights and stranger making crazy faces...

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Ethan & Sophia

Wow, I keep getting such gorgeous kids! Ethan was totally cracking me up because he didn’t actually like taking pictures but he was really good at posing in front of the camera. And Sophia was such a little angel. I loved her. The poor little thing knocked her tooth out at only 2 years old....

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