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10/8/11 Kissui Mini-Shoot –*– Part 2 –*–

Here is the last group of pictures! Please leave feedback for me… I love and need it in order to grow as a photographer. Thank you!

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10/8/11 KISSUI Mini-shoot –*–Part One–*–

Hurray! The first batch of Kissui pictures are here for your viewing pleasure. These are only some of them so don’t fret if you just see one or two of your pictures. They will all be on your disc. I will be posting lots more pictures in just a bit…

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Brynn, Kennedy, Luke, Drew & Kamryn

Okay let’s be honest with ourselves. Shooting five kids does not sound fun or easy or anything in between. But holy smokes these five proved me wrong!! They were sooo cooperative and beautiful and just plain awesome. Maybe their mom bribed them, but I think they were just well behaved, photogenic children.

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Edison was a gorgeous little girl and it was awesome having her back for pictures. It’s hard to find them much cuter than her! Her mom has the best taste too and brought some awesome stuff, and I’m so glad she wanted to use some of my new Matilda Jane stuff as well. Their clothes...

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Max was the sweetest little one year old I think I’ve ever met. He was so calm and happy and was just overall such a good boy! And he was so easy going he even let us put hats on him with no complaints… and didn’t even try to take them off! I think he...

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