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My goodness, Chloe just kills me! She was so cute and funny! Where do all these adorable kids come from? And how do they find me?? It almost doesn’t seem fair because they make the pictures look so good… I hardly have to do anything.

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What a doll Katelyn was! This was such an easy photo shoot because she smiled at me most of the time and was such a happy little lady! I mean, just look at that face… gorgeous!

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What a gorgeous little family! Ethan was just 6 days old when they brought him in, which is about the youngest I like to work with. He was so tiny and precious and easy to pose. I loved this photo shoot!

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Holy smokes I am so behind on my posting! My goal is to put ALL of my shoots online and to hopefully get caught up by November. It has just been crazy at my house… my 2 year old daughter had eye surgery on September 27th and then last night broke her leg. Although life...

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