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Payton & Addison

These two beautiful girls were super cute and I had so much fun with them. Their mom was gorgeous too so I know where they got their good looks from! And I seriously love that their dad brought his fireman gear and posed with his girls… is that not the sweetest thing ever?

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My goodness, Olivia was such a doll. Her big brown eyes and sweet little innocent face were just so dang adorable. That fuzzy white hat she’s wearing was made by her grandma and I think I’m going to ask her to make me a couple. 

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Kay first off, I just LOVE that name. Harly was seriously the happiest baby I have come across. She smiled the entire time, let us try on a ton of outfits, and looked my direction for most of the shoot. Does it get any better?! Her parents were SO nice too and I loved how...

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